Quality Control
Our Quality Control department employs consists in 30 workers who have systematic knowledge of ISO regulations. They have a great professional experience testing the productions quality.
Pursuing the goal of "100% passed and 0% returned", we will continue to follow international standards to provide customers with good products.

All of our materials and components must pass incoming quality control (IQC) inspection, small batch quality testing and control, in-process QC, on-line QC of finished products, in-depot QC and out-depot QC before shipment. Each QRAT (Quality Reliability Assurance Test) is conducted in line with our own stringent measures.

Procedures/testing Details
Our QC procedures include:
· Incoming quality control (IQC)
· In-process quality control (IPQC)
· Final quality control (FQC)

Our professional QC engineers set up QC specifications for each item for manager's approval. Before production, QC engineers check all the testing instruments, and IQC engineers check all the parts. During the production process, IPQC engineers check the products in process. Finally, FQC engineers check the finished products one by one, 100% of them, before shipment.