BYYBUO T10 2022 Full HD 10.1 inch Android 11 Lightweight Tablet

By byybuo


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The 12nm FinFET process technology improves the excellent power consumption performance of the Helio P60 processor,, reducing power consumption by 25% when executing large-scale games, greatly extending battery life.

The TFT display is one of the best LCD color displays, with many advantages such as: high responsivity, high brightness, high contrast ratio, excellent color saturation, etc.

SmartPad T10 android tablet is a high-performance gaming tablet, which is a good choice for gaming, watching movies, surfing the Internet, working, shopping, listening to music, etc.

F118W A+3

10.1 inch HD display android tablet uses a 1920*1200 resolution IPS capacitive touch screen, covered with reinforced 2.5D glass. The tablet's touch panel features a G+G solution that provides a smooth and fast touch experience with 5-finger functionality. The double glass layer has good optical clarity and is resistant to sunlight damage and birefringence.

F118W A+4

Note: Battery life will vary based on device settings and Apps usage.

F118W A+5

Customer Reviews

Based on 396 reviews
Nice tablet for the money using Android 12, blue tooth, and touch screen

I needed an inexpensive tablet for traveling and had blue tooth, touch screen, and the Android 12 operating system. The unit was shipped over night and I have been using it to monitor solar applications as well as travel when I don't need my laptop. So far no complaints and the battery lasts a long time. The screen is sharp while wasting movies and does come with ample RAM and memory.

Usuario Amazon
Buena calidad

Este producto tiene muy buena calidad, lo he usado ya por un tiempo y la batería está buena y es duradera.

Very clear pictures

The text and pictures are super clear on the screen. This device responds quickly and has good sound. I have never had a tablet before and was able to set it up and get started with no help, so have to say set up is super easy. It came in a foldable cover case, which was a nice surprise. I wish the on\off button and sound buttons were not so close together, but I am genuinely happy with my purpose. It's a good deal for a good price.

Paula Joy
Great tablet

Great size and quality for the price. I love reading books online and this is perfect. Makes playing my favorite online games much easier as well.

Suzanne Post
do not buy

After a month it stopped holding a charge