2024 BYYBUO T30 Full HD 10.1 inch Android 13.0 IPS SmartPad,4+64G Gaming,Woking,4G&WIFI Lightweight Tablet

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The FinFET process technology improves the excellent power consumption performance of the Helio P60 processor,, reducing power consumption by 25% when executing large-scale games, greatly extending battery life.

The TFT display is one of the best LCD color displays, with many advantages such as: high responsivity, high brightness, high contrast ratio, excellent color saturation, etc.

SmartPad T30 android tablet is a high-performance gaming tablet, which is a good choice for gaming, watching movies, surfing the Internet, working, shopping, listening to music, etc.

F118W A+3

10.1 inch HD display android tablet uses a 800*1280 resolution IPS capacitive touch screen, covered with reinforced 2.5D glass. The tablet's touch panel features a G+G solution that provides a smooth and fast touch experience with 5-finger functionality. The double glass layer has good optical clarity and is resistant to sunlight damage and birefringence.

Note: Battery life will vary based on device settings and Apps usage.

Customer Reviews

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very satisfied

This 10 inch tablet actually works decently. It's not an iPad by far but it's an alright android tablet to use. It's easy to setup and the interface is easy to maneuver. I have downloaded candy crush and some other puzzle games and they played just fine. I had no issues syncing my Google account. I use it for checking emails or paying bills online. I have watched movies on YouTube and had no issues. I was able to bluetooth headphones and speakers to it and everything worked seamlessly. It does have the split screen function. It's not heavy at all and at 10 inches it's very travel friendly. All in all, it did more than what I expected. It's a good alternative if you are on a budget or a first tablet for any kid.

Wonderful tablet

I bought this tablet for facebook and watching some videos on Neflix, the screen is very clear and the point is that I can play some games, which has given me a good experience during my hospitalization.Good tablet.I love it.